Center for Materials Devices and Integrated Systems (CMDIS)

Robert Hull

Henry Burlage Jr. Professor of Engineering and Director of Center for Materials, Devices, and Integrated Systems
Materials Science and Engineering
Electronic Materials

Bruce Watson

Institute Professor
Earth and Environmental Sciences
Inorganic chemistry of the Earth and terrestrial planets
Experimentation at high pressures and temperatures
Kinetics of reactions and diffusion
Early Earth history
Earth materials
Numerical modeling of diffusion phenomena
Geochemical proxies
Isotope geochemistry

Chang Y. Ryu

Professor, Director of NY State Center for Polymer Synthesis
Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Sustainable Polymer Materials
Block Copolymer Self-assembly
Structure-property-relationships of polymeric materials
Polymer HPLC and Large Scale Purification
Viscoelasticity, polymer thermal characterization
Electron Microscopy & Surface analysis/modification

K. V. Lakshmi

Associate Professor, Scientific Director, Baruch '60 Center For Biochemical Solar Energy Research
Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Physical Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry
Biochemistry and Biophysical Chemistry
Bioinorganic Chemistry
Cheminformatics and Computational Chemistry
Polymers, Materials and Energy
Green Chemistry and Sustainability
Solar Energy Conversion
Natural and Artificial Photosynthesis

Kim Michelle Lewis

Associate Department Head and Associate Professor
Physics, Applied Physics & Astronomy
Electron Transport in Nanoscale Systems and Junctions
Electrical Characterization of Biological Systems
Molecular Electronics
Condensed Matter Physics