Biological Sciences

Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
bacterial pathogenes, bioenergetics, mechanistic enzymology, membrane proteins...
Lecturer, Biological Sciences
Genomics, Molecular Biology, Gene Regulation, Mobile Genetic Elements, STEM...
Professor Emeritus, Biological Sciences
biodefense, biology, fementation, freshwater, microbiology
Professor, Biological Sciences
biochemistry, bioinformatics, biosensors, protein folding, protein design
Associate Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering
Synthetic Biology, Biochemical Engineering, Microbial Communities, Human...
Lecturer, Biological Sciences
engineered proteins, genetics engineering, genomics, molecular biology, STEM...
Professor Emeritus, Biological Sciences
Howard P. Isermann Professor and Vice President for Research, Chemical and Biological Engineering
Biocatalysis in Nonaqueous Media, Molecular Bioprocessing, Biocatalytic...
Professor Emeritus, Biological Sciences
Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences
Biophysics, Mechanics of Cell Division, Single Molecule Methods
Department Head, Biological Sciences
Cell Biology, Biophysics and Biochemistry, Structure-Function Analysis of...
Associate Professor, Blitman Chair in Environmental Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Professor, Constellation Chair, Chemistry and Chemical Biology
biotechnology, materials
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education, Biological Sciences
academic advising, eukaryotic organisms, scientific teaching methodologies
Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences
Circadian Rhythms, Neurospora, Macrophages, Immunology, Protein Structure/...
Dorothy and Fred Chau ΚΌ71 Career Development Constellation Professor in Biocatalysis and Metabolic Engineering, Chemical and Biological Engineering
Metabolic Engineering, Industrial Microbiology, Synthetic Biology, Natural...
Professor Emeritus, Biological Sciences
Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
Cell Biology, Neurosocience
Ann and John H. Broadbent, Jr. ’59 Senior Constellation Professor of Biocatalysis and Metabolic Engineering, Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Glycoscience, Biocatalysis, Metabolic Engineering, Nanobiotechnology,...
Lecturer, Biological Sciences
ecology and evolutionary biology, ecological impacts of climate change ,...
Constellation Chair, Biological Sciences
bioinformatics, protein dynamics, protein folding, protein aggregation
Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences
molecular genetics, aging, genome instability, retrotransposons
Associate Director of DFWI , Biological Sciences
environmental remote sensing, invasive species, water resource management
David M. Darrin ’40 Senior Endowed Chair; Director, Darrin Fresh Water Institute; Director, Jefferson Project, Biological Sciences
Ecology, Disease ecology, Ecotoxicology, Evolution, Animal behavior
Assistant Professor, Earth and Environmental Sciences
geomicrobiology, astrobiology, geochemistry
Frederic R. Kolleck ’52 Career Development Chair in Freshwater Ecology, Biological Sciences
Aquatic Ecology, Biogeochemistry, Advanced Environmental Sensors, Computational...
Constellation Chair, Biological Sciences
pressure effects on biomolecules, protein folding, protein interaction networks...
Professor, Biological Sciences
Plant Biology, Molecular Chaperones, STEM Education
Lecturer, Biological Sciences
STEM education
Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
Heart Disease, Muscle Disease, Cardiac Physiology, Muscle Physiology, Motor...
Director, Biochemistry and Biophysics Graduate Program, Biological Sciences
Alzheimer's disease: amyloid production, aggregation and interaction,...