Mimi Katz

Mimi Katz
Name: Mimi Katz
Title:Assistant Professor
Department Earth and Environmental Sciences
School Science
Bio My area of expertise is in paleoceanography and micropaleontology. Much of my work utilizes assemblage and geochemistry changes in the marine microfossil group benthic foraminifera, integrated with biostratigraphy, lithology, geophysical well logging, and seismic profile studies. I apply these integrated tools to a broad spectrum of reconstructions from the marine geological record, such as past ocean and climate conditions, paleobathymetry and sea level, and the geological carbon cycle. At present, I am working on several such projects and there is room for graduate student research, so please contact me if you are interested!
Education Ph.D., Rutgers University M.S., University of South Carolina B.S., St. Lawrence University