Xiaokun (Cara) Wang

Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Professor Wang holds a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, and MS and BS degrees from Tsinghua University, China. Her primary research interests include traffic safety analysis, spatial econometrics, and the statistical modeling of transportation and urban systems. Her study on statistical modeling of urban transportation system based on derived information from satellite images has won her the Sixth Annual Benjamin H. Stevens Graduate Fellowship in Regional Science and the Pikarsky Award for Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation in Science and Technology. Her expertise in statistical analysis has made her a reviewer of many transportation journals and the primary author of papers across a variety of subjects, all of which involve transportation data analysis.


PhD degree in Civil Engineering The University of Texas at Austin, MS degree in Civil Engineering Tsinghua University, China, BS degree in Civil Engineering Tsinghua University, China

Research Focus
  • Integrated land use, transport and environment planning for sustainable urban system
  • Spatial statistics and econometrics
  • Transportation data acquisition and analysis
  • Transportation safety
Contact wangx18@rpi.edu