Ashwani Kapila

Professor, Mathematical Sciences

My research has addressed problems of practical concern arising in the general area of solid and fluid mechanics, especially chemically reactive  flows of the kind that occur during combustion and explosion processes.  Recent work has focused on the development and analysis, both theoretical and computational, of models that would accurately predict the generation and propagation of detonation waves in high-energy solid explosives.  The research is carried out in collaboration with colleagues at Rensselaer and at Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore national laboratories. 




Ph.D., Cornell University, 1975

Research Focus
  • Applied Mathematics: Reactive and multiphase flow, nonlinear waves, perturbation methods, scientific computing
  • Education: Development of web-based instructional materials
Contact Information
Select Works
  • " Sensitivity of run-to-detonation distance in practical explosives," Combustion Theory & Modeling, 20 (2016), 1088-1117 (with J. R. Gambino and D. W. Schwendeman).
  • "An added-mass partition algorithm for fluid-structure interactions of compressible fluids and nonlinear solids," Journal of Computational Physics, 305 (2016), 1037-1064 (with J.W. Banks, W.D. Henshaw, and D.W. Schwendeman).
  • "A Numerical Study of the Dynamics of Detonation Initiated by Cavity Collapse," Shock Waves, 6 (2015), 545-572 (with D.W. Schwendeman, J. Gambino and W.D. Henshaw).
  • "A Hybrid Two-Phase Mixture Model of Detonation Diffraction with Compliant Confinement," Comptes Rendus Mecanique, 340 (2012), 804-817 (with D. W. Schwendeman and W. D. Henshaw).
  • "A numerical study of shock-induced cavity collapse," Shock Waves, 22 (2012), 89-117 (with M. Ozlem, D. W. Schwendeman and W. D. Henshaw).
  • "A comparative study of two macro-scale models of condensed-phase explosive," IMA J. Applied Math., 77 (2012), 2-17 (with D. W. Schwendeman and W. D. Henshaw).
  • "A hybrid two-phase mixture model of detonation diffraction with compliant confinement, Comptes Rendus Mathematique, 340 (2012), 804-817 (with D.W. Schwendeman and W.D. Henshaw).
  • "A study of detonation diffraction and failure for a model of compressible two-phase reactive flow," Combustion Theory and Modelling, 14, 331-366, 2010 (with D. W. Schwendeman and W. D. Henshaw).