Belmiro Galo da Silva

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Dr. Galo earned his PhD from University of Rochester and from University of São Paulo in August 2021. His research interests include Harmonic Analysis, Geometric Measure Theory and Analytic Combinatorics. His favorite subject is "Falconer-type problems" . The Falconer distance problems ask how large does the Hausdorff dimension of a compact set need to be to ensure the Lebesgue measure of the distance set. 

Dr. Galo is committed to being an effective, engaging teacher. He held teaching appointments at Colgate University (2021-2022) and University of Rochester (2018-2021). He earned an Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award in March 2020 from University of Rochester. 

Education & Training

Ph.D., Mathematics, University of Rochester, 2021.

Ph.D., Mathematics, University of São Paulo, 2021.

M.S., Mathematics, University of Rochester, 2019.

M.S., Mathematics, University of São Paulo, 2014.

B.S., Mathematics,  Federal University of Bahia, 2008.


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Fall 2022

MATH 1010 - Calculus I- 113 Students.
MATH 1010 - Calculus I- 116 Students.
MATH 1010 - Calculus I- 113 Students.
MATH 6950 - Grad. Students Seminar- 9 Students.

Office Hours

Wednesday afternoons 

Current Courses

Spring 2023

MATH1020- Calculus II- 125 Students

MATH4100- Linear Algebra- 75 Students


Most recent publication:

Galo, B., McDonald, A. Volumes Spanned by k-Point Configurations in ℝ^d. J Geom Anal 32, 23 (2022).



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