Bimal Malaviya


Other Focus Areas

Fission and Fusion Reactor Physics and Technology, Biomedical Applications, Radioactive Waste Management, Pedagogic Technology


The following is a selection of recent publications in Scopus. Bimal Malaviya has 3 indexed publications in the subjects of Energy, Engineering.

Paul S. Feigenbaum, Martin Becker, Donald R. Harris, Bimal K. Malaviya, Robert C. Block, S. A. Hayashi, S. Yamamoto
Nuclear Science and Engineering
, 114
, 1993
, pp.112-117
Don Steiner, R. C. Block, B. K. Malaviya
Fusion Technology
, 7
, 1985
, pp.66-77
Paul S. Feigenbaum, Robert C. Block, Donald R. Harris, M. Becker, Bimal K. Malaviya, S. A. Hayashi, S. Yamamoto
Transactions of the American Nuclear Society
, 43
, 1982
, pp.721-722

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