Brandi Brace


Brandi Brace is a lecturer in the Arts Department and teaches in the Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences Program. An interdisciplinary educator, Brandi has a Bachelor’s in English from Misericordia University (Dallas, PA), a Master’s degree in Internet and Game Studies from Tampere University (Tampere, Finland), and experience in game design through her work with Atlantic Divide Games.

Brandi is interested in analyzing character design and the player experience of characters within digital games. Worldbuilding and designing believable spaces are a point of focus because it is through these spaces that the player interacts with and experiences character. Brandi sees games as a catalyst of discussion for social and emotional topics and believes that games as a medium are a powerful tool of connection between people and ideas.

Brandi’s focus on education led her to sharing her passion for creation and discovery through game design. Beyond the classroom, Brandi has had a community driven approach to learning. She has led and designed multiple summer programs for kids and teens. Brandi teaches creative exploration in art and design in both analog and digital mediums. She believes that it is important to foster passion and creativity throughout all aspects of education and that diversity of background and thought lead to more authenticity in games.


Other affililations: GSAS
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