Data Science Research Center (DSRC)

Deborah McGuinness

Tetherless World Senior Constellation Chair, Professor of Computer, Cognitive, and Information Technology and Web Sciences
Computer Science
Semantic Web
Linked Open Data
Semantic eScience
Health and Life Science Informatics
Environmental Informatics
Data Science
Artificial Intelligence
Knowledge Graphs

Rahmi Ozisik

Associate Professor
Materials Science and Engineering
Computational Modeling and Simulations
Polymer nanocomposites
Polymer processing and characterization
Protein structure and dynamics
Supercritical fluid assisted processing

Bulent Yener

Associate Director, IDEA. Director, Data Science Research Center
Computer Science
Machine Learning
Data Science
medical informatics and bioinformatics
cyber security
complex networks
combinatorial optimization

Daniel Lewis

Associate Professor
Materials Science and Engineering
Mesoscopic Modeling
Microstructure Science and Microscopy
Image Driven Machine Learning
Solidification and Phase Transformations