Chip Kilduff


Dr. Kilduff's research interests include application of membrane and adsorption separation processes to potable water production, industrial wastewater treatment, and pollutant transport in the environment. His research projects involve:
* Using membrane separation processes to
purify water
* Modifying membrane surface chemistry via grafting and coating to provide specific function and to control fouling
* Develop models as an approach to better understand and control fouling
* Develop models to describe and predict the performance of membrane adsorbers

Education & Training

BS, University of Connecticut, Storrs 1983

MS,  University of Connecticut, Storrs 1987

Ph.D., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 1995

Postdoctoral Scholar, 1995-1996, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley.


Other Focus Areas

Water Quality, Membrane Processes


The following is a selection of recent publications in Scopus. Chip Kilduff has 75 indexed publications in the subjects of Environmental Science, Chemical Engineering, and Engineering.

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