Christopher Tozzi

Sr. Lecturer, Science and Technology Studies

Christopher Tozzi studies the history and culture of technology. His most recent book, For Fun and Profit: A History of the Free and Open Source Software Revolution (MIT Press, 2017), explores the history of software whose source code is freely shared, and the cultural and economic impact of such software. Dr. Tozzi also writes frequently about the cultural and political dimensions of software development, the IT industry and technologies such as blockchain and machine learning. Dr. Tozzi is also interested in military history. He is the author of Nationalizing France's Army: Foreign, Black and Jewish Troops in the French Military, 1715-1831 (University of Virginia Press, 2016). Dr. Tozzi's current research focuses on the history of decentralization from political, social and technological perspectives.


Ph.D. in History (Johns Hopkins, 2013) B.A. in History and French (Cornell, 2008)

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