Elizabeth Sprague

Sr. Lecturer, Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Chair of the Undergraduate Instrumentation Facility and Coordinator of Experimental Chemistry Laboratories.


A.S., Sage Junior College of Albany, 1989
B.S., Russel Sage College, 1991
Ph.D., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 2001

Research Focus
  • Chemical Education
  • Green Chemistry with an emphasis on experiment development
Contact Information
Select Works
  • “Imaging Surfactant Concentration Distributions at the Air/Water Interface Part 1: Surfactant Concentration Gradient on a Laminar Flow”, G.M. Korenowski, E.A. VanWagenen (Sprague) and A. Hirsa, Marine Surface Films: Chemical Characteristics, Influence on Air-Sea Interactions and Remote Sensing, Martin Gade, Heinrich Hühnerfuss, and Gerald Korenowski, Editors, Springer-Verlag Heidelberg Berlin, p.157-164, (2006).
  • “Characterization of Side Chain Polymers for Second Order Nonlinear Optical Properties”, P.R. Srikanth Sharma, P. Zhou, H.L. Frisch, E.A. VanWagenen (Sprague) and G.M. Korenowski, Journal of Polymer Science, Part A, 37, 1245-1254, (1999).
  • “Second Harmonic Generation from 3R-MoS2”, G.A. Wagoner, P.D. Persans, E.A. VanWagenen (Sprague), and G.M. Korenowski, Journal of the Optical Society of America, Part B, 15, 1017-1021, (1998).
  • “Effects of Processing Parameters and Polymerization Behavior on the Nonlinear Optical Response of Sol-Gel Materials”, J. Kim, J.L. Plawsky, E.A. VanWagenen (Sprague) and G. M. Korenowski, Chemistry of Materials, 5, 1118-1125, (1993).
  • “Preparation and Characterization of Silver Colloid/Polymer Composite Nonlinear Optical Materials”, R. LaPeruta, E.A. VanWagenen (Sprague), J.J. Roche, P. Kitipichai, G.E. Wnek and G.M. Korenowski, Nonlinear Optics and Materials, 1497, 357-366 (1991).