Holly A. Traver

Professor of Practice, Cognitive Science

Dr. Traver received her undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University at Albany, State University of New York. While at UAlbany, she was involved on a grant from the U.S. Air Force looking at the relationships among training criteria that was published in the journal Personnel Psychology. Dr. Traver also worked as an intern and a consultant for the New York State Police developing selection tests and validating an entry level standard. Upon arriving at Rensselaer, she was actively involved in three grant projects, as well as teaching. Currently her focus at Rensselaer is educating our bright and talented students.

Dr. Traver is currently interested in the quality education of Rensselaer students. The courses she teaches include Cognitive Psychology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Professional Development 2: Leadership Theories, and General Psychology. "What I love about teaching these courses is that there are so many applications of course material to everyday life. In addition, each semester I have independent study students, or students working on a thesis, pursuing research ideas that have a personal interest to them. For example, in my PD2 course, I mentioned a former graduate of Rensselaer who is a local cult leader (and is so influential he has met with the Dalai Lama!), and a student did a research paper on him the next semester. My teaching goal is for students to actually learn how to apply what they are learning in class to life experiences."


Ph.D., Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Contact traveh@rpi.edu