Jarrett Rose


Professor Jarrett Rose is a sociologist of mental health, medicine, culture, and psychedelics. Broadly, his research explores how social, cultural, and political relations impact health and wellbeing. Most recently, Dr. Rose has been investigating the use of group-based psychedelic-assisted therapy in people suffering chronic, treatment-resistant mental distress for whom orthodox medicine has been inefficacious. He uses qualitative methods (e.g., ethnography, interviews) to examine the cultural and social-psychological dynamics of group-based psychedelic therapy retreats. In this research, Dr. Rose studies how the cultural structure of retreats--i.e., therapeutic philosophy/alliance--and the social and emotional connections made amongst retreat participants, influence treatment outcomes. 

Dr. Rose is also a member of the Ebola Project at York University in Toronto, Canada, an interdisciplinary, international team of global health scholars studying the social, political, and historical factors impacting the Ebola Virus Disease outbreak and response in West Africa. This research has recently been published in Social Science & Medicine.

Education & Training

Ph.D. (Sociology), York University, Toronto, Canada

M.A. (Sociology), San Diego State University

B.A. (Sociology), California State University, Long Beach


  • Mental Health and Medicine
  • Psychedelic Science, Cultures, and Therapy
  • Global Health
  • Sociological Theory
  • Social Psychology
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