Jianling Yue


Jianling Yue is a lecturer and Chinese Minor Advisor in the Department of Communication and Media. Yue’s teaching and academic pursuits have earned her numerous awards and commendations from both colleagues and students. Yue’s most notable awards include two awards of “Excellence for International Chinese Language Education” from the 9th International Conference on Chinese Language Teaching (2008), a First Place Prize and a Third Place Prize in an International Chinese Teaching Case Competition (2014), the Faculty Achievement Award at RPI (2014,2019), and HASS Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching (2019).
Yue’s academic interests and publications span Chinese linguistics, pedagogy, second language acquisition, Chinese character evolution, and grammar instruction. She has authored or co-authored fourteen textbooks, two Chinese cultural books, one teacher’s book, and one dictionary. She has also translated and co-translated two Chinese cultural books and one animal encyclopedia. Her published papers include “An Initial Study on Diplomatic Language”, “Use of Communicative Approach in Individual Chinese Teaching for Diplomatic Missions”, and “Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Assessment Used in Chinese Language Classroom”. Yue was selected for the 2020 Last Lecture Series.
Yue’s lifelong passion for education has been demonstrated by her ongoing contributions to curriculum development, pedagogical innovation, learner autonomy, teacher training, study abroad and immersion summer camp programs, the establishment of international connections, and a wide variety of cultural activities for students such as the Chinese New Year gala performance and the Conversation Corner and Mandarin Club (CCMC). She has been the lead faculty for the Chinese Mentor Program.
Since 2013, Yue has been a core faculty member in the Mandarin Project, which is now a research project in the Cognitive and Immersive Systems Lab (CISL), a collaboration between RPI and IBM. “My current interests associated with this program include the combination of language materials and instructional designs with virtual reality, speech recognition, and human computer interaction to provide students with an immersive learning environment.”


The following is a selection of recent publications in Scopus. Jianling Yue has 1 indexed publications in the subjects of Computer Science.

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