Joseph Markowski

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Joseph Markowski researches philosophical questions and issues concerning comparative philosophy, religion and ethics.   He is particularly interested in exploring the normative views of Asian religious traditions, specifically Buddhism, in dialogue with Western ethical theories.  He currently works with students in the following classes: Introduction to Philosophy of Religion, Religion in the Global World and Environmental Ethics.

Education & Training

Ph.D., Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands

MA., McGill University

BA., Green Mountain College


While my research interests in philosophy and religion are broad, my academic expertise is in the areas of Buddhism (South Asian, Tibetan and East Asian traditions) and ethics (metaethics, ethical theory and applied ethics).  Within the field of Buddhism, I am particularly interested in: (a) Indo-Tibetan epistemology; (b) the metaphysics of emptiness (Skt. sunyata); (c) the koan and Zen philosophy of language; (d) Buddhism in dialogue with Western ethical theories; and (e) the phenomenology of meditation as a normative practice.  In regard to ethics, I am particularly interested in moral epistemology and contemporary debates concerning realism and anti-realism, as well as cognitivism and non-cognitivism.  In addition, I am also interested in exploring a range of topics within environmental ethics and medical ethics, as well as engaging analytic discussion concerning the meaning of life.

Primary Research Focus
Buddhism in dialogue with Western Philosophy (Metaethics, Ethical Theory and Applied Ethics).
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