Julia Lee

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I am a sociologist of organizational behavior applying a mixed methods approach to investigating value creation and decision-making in the context of entrepreneurship. 

I earned a Ph.D. in Sociology in 2018 from the University at Albany, SUNY. To indicate my dedication and purpose to transition to business school education, I am currently earning an online MBA within the Gies College of Business at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

My research explains why newly publicly-traded firms succeed and fail through socio-cognitive perspectives. A specific feature makes my research program important is its applications of machine learning algorithms. have used topic modeling algorithms to develop a novel metric for interpretative frames of information about newly public firms in crisis times. 

I have over three years of teaching experience at graduate and undergraduate levels. My pedagogy reflects a commitment to the multidisciplinary understanding of management with engaged learning opportunities. 

Prior to my academic career, I worked for a Japanese multinational company for over three years, and thus I can offer business students a practitioner’s perspective connected to theory.


Primary Research Focus
Entrepreneurship, Organizational Behavior/Organizational Theory, Business Analytics


Current Courses

Statistical Methods

Organizational Behavior in High Performance Organizations   

Talent Management



2021. How Long-Distance Nationalism Shapes ‘Us’ Preferences of First-Generation Taiwanese Americans. Current Sociology 69(7): 963-980.

2014. Bridging Immigration Research and Racial Formation Theory to Examine Contemporary Immigrant Identities. Sociology Compass 8(6): 745-754.

2001. (With R. Chen, Z. Huang, and I. Lin:) Chinese Image and Imagination in Taiwanese Cinema.  Journal of National Taiwan College of Arts 69: 147-165.

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