Julian S. Georg

Lecturer, Physics, Applied Physics & Astronomy

Julian Georg is doing research in the area of theoretical cosmology. His work addresses fundamental questions about our Universe: What is the Dark Matter that makes up roughly a quarter of the Universe, but is not like any of that matter that we know? How did all the contents of the Universe originate from the hot primordial plasma? And what were the conditions that allowed the Universe to undergo a phase of rapid and accelerated expansion at the very beginning?


2018, Ph.D., Physics, Syracuse University 2012, Physik Diplom, Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen

Research Focus
  • Theoretical Cosmology
Select Works
  • J. Georg, C. Rosenzweig, "Can cosmology provide a test of quantum mechanics?", JCAP 01 (2020) 028
  • J. Georg, B. Melcher, S. Watson, "Primordial Black Holes and Co-Decaying Dark Matter", JCAP 11 (2019) 014
  • J. Georg, S. Watson, "A Preferred Mass Range for Primordial Black Hole Formation and Black Holes as Dark Matter Revisited", JHEP 09 (2017) 138
  • J. Georg, G. Şengör, S. Watson, "Nonthermal WIMPs and primordial black holes", Phys.Rev.D 93 (2016) 12, 123523