Lawrence Howard

Senior Lecturer, Science and Technology Studies

Lawrence Howard has made a career of promoting progressive land use planning. He provides professional legal and planning services to public, private and non-profit clients, including help with land use, zoning, real estate, small business issues, wills and estates, environmental impact and geographic analysis. With a focus on collaboration with local governments, land trusts and the agricultural community, he has worked to protect farmland and open space on a local and regional scale. Working with public and private clients, he has advised innovative developers in their efforts to plan mixed use developments and conservation subdivisions, counseled municipal planning and zoning boards, and drafted numerous zoning laws.

Lawrence is a partner in the law firm of Shulman, Howard and McPherson, LLP, and General Counsel at Solar Access Management, Inc., a New York B Corp that advises and leads startups developing community and commercial solar projects.

“As an active professional, research is essential in maintaining my expertise in land use planning, environmental planning, and my legal practice. Sustainability has always informed my work and is the unifying theme in my teaching and professional life.  My interests include environmental and land use policies, plans, programs and laws that facilitate or obstruct land conservation; sustainable agriculture; green energy (including energy from waste, wind, and solar); and green building systems.  As the Supreme Court has expanded the concept of corporate personhood, I have also become increasingly interested in the possibility of balancing this expansion of corporate rights by compelling corporations to accept the public trust responsibilities they should shoulder as corporate citizens and creatures of state law.” 


 JD, Brooklyn Law School

 MS, City and Regional Planning, Pratt Institute

BA, Economics, Connecticut College