Ana L. Milanova

Associate Professor, Computer Science

Ana has been a faculty member at RPI since 2003. She works in programming languages, compilers, and software engineering. Her research centers around static program analysis and its applications in software productivity and security. Recent interests include taint analysis of Android apps, program analysis techniques for compilation into secure cryptographic protocols, and verification of machine learning libraries. Ana is a recipient of the NSF CAREER Award and a Google Faculty Research Award.


Ph.D. 2003 Computer Science, Rutgers University. M.S. 1999 Computer Science, Rutgers University, B.A. 1997 Computer Science, American University in Bulgaria

Research Focus
  • Programming Langauges and Software Engineering
  • Security
Select Works
  • Ana Milanova, "FlowCFL: Generalized Type-based Reachability Analysis", Proc. ACM Programming Languages 4 (OOPSLA 2020), November 2020.
  • Ingkarat Rak-amnouykit, Daniel McCrevan, Ana Milanova, Martin Hirzel, and Julian Dolby, "Python 3 Types in the Wild: A Tale of Two Type Systems", ACM SIGPLAN Dynamic Languages Symposium (DLS 2020), November 2020.
  • Muhammad Ishaq, Ana Milanova, and Vassilis Zikas, "Efficient MPC via Program Analysis: A Framework for Efficient Optimal Mixing", ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS 2019), November 2019.
  • Wei Huang, Yao Dong, Ana Milanova, and Julian Dolby "Scalable and Precise Taint Analysis for Android", Proceedings of ACM SIGSOFT International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis (ISSTA 2015), July 2015.