Patrick T. Underhill

Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Patrick Underhill joined RPI in August 2008 after completing a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Research Interests:Prof. Underhill's research focuses on using a combined theoretical, computational, and experimental approach to understand problems in engineering, physics, and biology. Examples include advanced material development, separation and manipulation of biological molecules, nonequilibrium statistical mechanics, and biochemical pathways for quorum sensing and chemotaxis.


B.S. Chemical Engineering, 2001, Washington University B.S. Physics, 2001, Washington University Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, 2006, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Postdoctoral: 2006-2008, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Research Focus
  • Complex fluids
  • Coarse-grained simulations
  • Microfluidics
  • Biopolymers
  • Swimming microorganisms