Masashi Yamaguchi

Associate Professor, Physics, Applied Physics & Astronomy

Yamaguchi’s research involves various ultrafast optical techniques to understand materials behavior in nanoscale. By using well-controlled electromagnetic and acoustic waves, details of material responses are examined in various time scales. He developed various experimental techniques and instrumentation including tunable THz wave source using optical pulse shaping technique, THz pulse optimization using genetic algorithm, Tunable acoustic spectroscopy in GHz-sub THz frequency range. His current interests include acoustic/thermal transport in nano array materials, nonlinear THz spectroscopy in semiconducting materials, nonlinear optics in two-dimensional material. In past, he has worked on various condensed matter systems using Brillouin, Raman scattering and nonlinear optic methods including phonon transport in glassy GeS2, acoustic anomaly in quantum paraelectric state in SrTO3, elastic stiffness in GaN on a lattice mismatched substrate, heterodyne optical Kerr effect in molecular liquids, photon echo in polymer glasses, coupled acoustic-soft optic modes near structural phase transition in h-BaTiO3, pressure induced structural phase transition in MnF2, acoustic softening near Ferroelectric phase transition in SrTiO3.


Ph.D. (Hokkaido University)

Research Focus
  • Linear and Nonlinear THz Spectroscopy of Advanced Materials
  • Phonon/Thermal Transport in Low Dimensional Materials.
Select Works
  • Coherent Excitation of Optical Phonons in GaAs by Broadband Terahertz Pulses, Z. Fu, and M. Yamaguchi, Sci. Rep., 6, 38264 (2016).
  • New Optical Gating Technique for Detection of Electric Field Waveforms with Subpicosecond Resolution, A. Muraviev, A. Gutin, G. Rupper, S. Rudin, X. Shen, M. Yamaguchi, G. Aizin and M. Shur, Opt, Express, 24 12730(2016).
  • Experimental Study of Electron-Phonon Coupling and Electron Internal Thermalization in Epitaxially Grown Ultrathin Copper Films, X.Shen, Y.P.Timalsina, T.-M. Lu, M. Yamaguchi, Phys. Rev. B., 91, 045129 (2015).
  • Bonding-induced thermal conductance enhancement at inorganic heterointerfaces using nanomolecular monolayers, Peter J O'Brien, Sergei Shenogin, Jianxiun Liu, Philippe K Chow, Danielle Laurencin, P Hubert Mutin, Masashi Yamaguchi, Pawel Keblinski, Ganpati Ramanath, Nat. Mat. 12, 118 (2013).
  • Terahertz wave excitation from preexisting air plasma, Jayashis Das, Masashi Yamaguchi, J. Opt. Soc. Am. B, 30, 1595(2013).
  • Narrow-band acoustic attenuation measurements in vitreous silica at frequencies between 20 and 400 GHz, C. Klieber, E. Peronne, K. Katayama, J. Choi, M. Yamaguchi, T. Pezeril, and K.A. Nelson, J. Appl. Phys., 98, 211908 (2011).
  • Terahertz wave generation in nitrogen gas using shaped optical pulses, M. Yamaguchi and J. Das, J. Opt. Soc. Am. B., 26, A90-A94 (2009).
  • Coherent heterodyne time-domain spectrometry covering the entire “terahertz gap", N. Karpowicz, J. Dai, X. Lu, Y. Chen, M. Yamaguchi, H. Zhao, X.-C. Zhang, L. Zhang, C. Zhang, M. Price-Gallagher, C. Fletcher, O. Mamer, A. Lesimple, and K. Johnson, Appl. Phys. Lett., 92, 011131-011133 (2008).