Clint Ballinger

Executive Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Lecturer, Interim Director of Undergraduate Programs, Lally School of Management

Dr. Ballinger is a business leader with a reputation for exceptional technical/analytic skills and history of launching “world’s first” products across multiple markets, on time and under budget. Diverse background with demonstrated lean business acumen that includes founding and operating companies, creating, developing and launching new products, technology due diligence, extensive capital raising experience, recipient of multiple grants from NSF,DOE, DARPA, &NYSERDA and global team development. Specializing in taking ideas to market and/or quickly evaluating to determine market viability. Proven track record in life science, LEDs, semiconductor materials, displays including LCD, QLED and LED, military, and energy including nuclear, thermoelectrics, thermophotovoltaics, EV charging and photovoltaics.
Work experience: Lawrence Livermore National Lab, Lockheeed Martin, Evident Technologies, Evident Thermoelectrics, SelfArray
Consulting experience: Applied Materials, MDB Capital, Liquid Venture Partners, Livingston Energy

Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering, University of Michigan
B.S. in Nuclear Engineering, Missouri University of Science and Technology

Research Focus
  • Micro-LEDs
  • Display technologies
  • Energy
  • Lean product development
  • Nanomaterials/Semiconductor materials
  • Entrepreneurship
Select Works
  • Some of My Favorite Publications P. F. Baldasaro, J. E. Raynolds, G. W. Charache, D. M. Depoy, C. T. Ballinger, T. Donovan, and J. M. Borrego, “Thermodynamic analysis of thermophotovoltaic efficiency and power density tradeoffs,” J. Appl. Phys. 89, 3319–3327 (2001).
  • Clinton T. Ballinger, J.A. Rathkopf, and W. R. Martin, "The Response History Monte Carlo Method for Electron Transport," Nuclear Science and Engineering, 112, 283-295 (1992).
  • Rahul P. Gupta, Jeff Sharp, Adam Peng, Susanthri Perera, Clint Ballinger, Tao Zheng & Bruce Gnade Inorganic Colloidal Solution-Based Approach to Nanocrystal Synthesis of (Bi,Sb)2Te3 Journal of Electronic Materials 41(6) 10.1007/s11664-011-1892-6 (2012).
  • And some favorite patents: 11,214,015 Methods and systems for controlling temperature across a region defined by using thermally conductive elements
  • 9,227,846 Purification of nanocrystals for thermoelectric, solar, and electronic applications
  • 9,209,374 Method for preparing and use of Sb.sub.2Te.sub.3 nanocrystals in thermoelectric materials
  • 8,999,822 Method for creating semiconductor junctions with reduced contact resistance
  • 8,895,411 Method for creating semiconductor junctions with reduced contact resistance