Maurice Suckling

Assistant Professor, GSAS

Maurice Suckling has worked in the video games industry for over twenty years, and on over fifty published video game titles. He has worked with publishers such as Atari, SONY, Ubisoft, Microsoft, Epic, Disney, 2K, Nintendo, Deep Silver, and the BBC. He’s worked as a producer, a designer, a voice director, a motion capture director, an animation director, but most often as a writer. His most recent game writing credits include Fortnite, Civilization VI, and Lost Words: Beyond the Page.  He is also a professional board game designer, specializing in historical simulations. His third game is currently in production.

In addition to games, he has also worked in TV, theatre, film, and fiction.  He holds a PhD in Creative Writing, and a Master’s degree in Global History.  His research interests are narrative innovation and representations of history  in games.


PhD, Newcastle University, England