Michael Aldersley

Lecturer, Chemistry and Chemical Biology


Magdalene College, Cambridge (1966-1972) BA, MA, PhD

Research Focus
  • Synthesis of compounds with P-F bonds
  • Clay catalyzed RNA synthesis
Contact Information
Select Works
  • The Introduction of P-F bonds using aqueous fluoride ion and a water soluble carbodiimide: a convenient alternative synthesis of phosphorofluoridates and phosphonofluoridates. Michael F Aldersley, Prakash C. Joshi, Elizabeth L. Ott, Scott A. McCallum, Anthony J. Kirby Tetrahedron Letters (2015), 56(38), 5272‐5274.
  • The reaction of activated RNA species with aqueous fluoride ion: a convenient synthesis of nucleotide 5′-phosphorofluoridates and a note on the mechanism. Michael F. Aldersley, Prakash C. Joshi, Herbert M. Schwartz, Anthony J. Kirby Tetrahedron Letters 01/2014; 55(8):1464–1466.
  • A nucleotide dimer synthesis without protecting groups using montmorillonite as catalyst. Prakash C Joshi, Michael F Aldersley, Dmitri V Zagorevskii, James P Ferris Nucleosides Nucleotides & Nucleic Acids 07/2012; 31(7):536-66.
  • A clay catalyzed RNA synthesis under Martian conditions: application for Mars return samples. Prakash C Joshi, Krishna Dubey, Michael F. Aldersley, Meaghen Sausville, Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications (2015), 462(2), 99‐104.