Raphael Rodrigues

Lecturer, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Dr. Raphael Rodrigues is an Environmental Engineer graduated from the University of São Paulo (USP), in Brazil. After graduating, Raphael worked as an environmental consultant in projects of site assessments and remediation and also as an environmental auditor for São Paulo’s Environmental Protection Agency. The promising results Raphael obtained during his Ph.D. research, focused in modification of membrane filters for water treatment applications, granted him a fellowship to continue his research at the Harvard School of Engineering Sciences. After finishing his research and obtained his Ph.D., Dr. Rodrigues worked as an environmental consultant for water reclamation projects, being part of a team that designed and operated the first pilot unit for direct potable reuse of domestic wastewater in Brazil. Meanwhile, Dr. Rodrigues and also worked as Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering at USP. Later in his career, Raphael moved to the United States and now is a Lecturer in Environmental Engineering at RPI. Dr. Rodrigues teaches Introduction to Environmental Engineering, Hydraulics and Hydrology, Solid and Hazardous Waste Management, Environmental Toxicology and Risk Analysis, Environmental Consulting and Site Assessments, Water Reuse Technologies, and Environmental Impact Assessments.


Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering - Hydraulic Engineering and Sanitation, Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences / University of São Paulo, 2015

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering, University of São Paulo, 2010

Research Focus
  • Environmental Engineering, Site Assessments, Hazardous Waste Management
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