Dan Walls

Adjunct, Science and Technology Studies

Dan Walls is a postdoctoral researcher and adjunct professor in the Department of Science and Technology Studies at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. As a postdoctoral researcher, he is working with Prof. Abby Kinchy and their collaborators on a research project to investigate heavy metal contamination of urban soils with residents in Troy and Arica, Chile, through participatory workshops using accessible tools. As an adjunct professor, he is teaching STS 4350 Politics of Design in Fall 2021.

His graduate studies and a prior postdoctoral position focused on fluid mechanics and transport phenomena, most recently in the context of the remediation of crude oils spilled into aquatic environments. His prior research has required him to both operate specialized laboratory equipment as well as construct experimental apparatuses for making scientific measurements. Through this project, he will utilize skills from his previous training as well as contribute to the broader socio-technical analysis of heavy metal contamination of soil.