Peter Olausson

Faculty Practitioner, Rensselaer at Work

Programs Taught

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Year Joined RPI


Other Professional Experiences

  • Intelligent Artifacts - Cognitive Neuroscientist - AI Research
  • Cognituum - Co-Founder & Chief Cognitive Scientist
  • IDIQIO - Chief Scientist & Development Partner
  • NYU TrepCamp - Principal Instructor
  • Post-Doctoral Training, Yale University, Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Ph.D., Gothenburg University, Neuropharmacology
  • MSc, Gothenburg University, Biochemistry
Research Focus
  • Artificial General Intelligence
  • Machine Learning and Reinforcement Learning
  • Complexity and Network Science
  • Startup Advisor, Board of Directors at Advance Carts, Inc.
Contact Information