Sarah Cadieux

Lecturer, Earth and Environmental Sciences


PhD in Geological Sciences, Indiana University, 2015 MS in Geology, University of Tennessee, 2011 BA in Geology, Mount Holyoke College, 2008

Research Focus
  • Geoscience Education
  • Biogeochemistry
  • Limnology
Select Works
  • Young, S.A., Cadieux, S.B., Peng, Y., White, J.R., and Pratt, L.M., 2018, Seasonal changes in sulfur biogeochemistry of a dilute, dimictic Arctic lake: Implications for paired sulfur isotope records from ancient oceans. Chemical Geology.
  • Cadieux, S. B., White, J. R., Pratt, L. M., 2017, Exceptional summer warming leads to contrasting outcomes for methane cycling in small Arctic lakes of Greenland. Biogeosciences 14, 559-574, doi:10.5194/bg-14-559-2017.
  • Chen, Y., Lehmann, K. K., Peng, Y., Pratt, L. M., White, J. R., Cadieux, S. B., Sherwood Lollar, B., Lacrampe-Couloume, G., Onstott, T. C., 2016, Hydrogen isotopic composition of Arctic and atmospheric CH4 determined by a portable near-IR cavity ring-down spectrometer with a cryogenic pre-concentrator. Astrobiology, 16(10), 787-797, doi: 10.1089/ast.2015.1395.
  • Schüette, U. M. E., Cadieux, S. B., Hemmerich, C., Pratt, L. M., White, J. R., 2016, Unanticipated geochemical and microbial community structure under seasonal ice cover in a dilute, dimictic Arctic lake. Frontiers in Microbiology 7, doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2016.01035.
  • Cadieux, S. B., White, J. R., Sauer, P. E., Peng, Y., Goldman, A. E., Pratt, L. M., 2016, Large fractionations of C and H isotopes related to methane oxidation in Arctic lakes. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 187, 141-155.
  • Saxton, M. A., Samarin, V. A., Schutte, C. A., Bowles, M. W., Madigan, M. T., Cadieux, S. B., Pratt, L. M., Joye, S. B., 2016, Biogeochemical and 16S rRNA gene sequence evidence supports a novel mode of anaerobic methanotrophy in permanently ice-covered Lake Fryxell, Antarctica. Limnology and Oceanography, 61(S1), 119-130, doi:10.1002/lno.10320.
  • Goldman, A. E., Cadieux, S. B., White, J. R., Pratt, L. M., 2016, Passive sampling method for high-resolution concentration and isotopic composition of dissolved methane in Arctic Lakes. Limnology and Oceanography-Methods 14, 69-78.
  • Colcord, D., Cadieux, S. B., Brassell, S. C., Castaneda, I. S., Pratt, L. M., White, J. R., 2015, Assessment of branched GDGTs as temperature proxies in sedimentary records from several small lakes in southwestern Greenland. Organic Geochemistry 82, 33-41.