Sarah Cadieux


My research takes an interdisciplinary approach to understanding biogeochemical cycling within lacustrine systems by combining limnology, aquatic chemistry, isotope biogeochemistry, sedimentology and geomicrobiology. Particularly, I am interested in investigating linkages between seasons, greenhouse gases, and climate change in lakes. Currently, I am focused on a series of lakes on the ice-free margin of Greenland which is experiencing rapid geomorphic changes as the ice is retreating. Despite close proximity, lakes in this region have remarkable variations in aquatic chemistry. As a result, there are significant variations in microbial communities, redox conditions and methane dynamics. Results from this work can be used to improve and inform climate models. Additionally, since these lakes are ice-covered the majority of the year, the biogeochemistry of water and ice is being used as an analog for exploration of planetary lakes or oceans.
I spend the majority of my time focused on geoscience education, particularly working to increase quantitative reasoning in the classroom. 


Other Focus Areas

Geoscience Education, Biogeochemistry, Limnology

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