Thierry Blanchet

Professor, Mechanical, Aerospace and Nuclear Engineering

Professor, 2006 – present

Department Head (Acting), 2011-2012

Associate Department Head for Faculty Affairs, 2012-2013

Associate Department Head for Graduate Studies, 2009-2011

Associate Department Head for Undergraduate Studies, 2007-2009

Associate Professor, 1999-2006

Assistant Professor, 1993-1999

Post-Doctoral Researcher, 1992-1993

NASA Glenn Research Center, Surface Science Branch Summers 1989-1991

Dow Chemical Central Research, Organic Chemical and Polymers Laboratory April –September 1988

Hercules Corporation, Champlain Cable Co. Polymer R&D Laboratory Summers 1983-1986



Fellow, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (2008)

Fellow, Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (2005)

ASME Burt L. Newkirk Award (2002)

STLE Walter D. Hodson Award (1997)

STLE Al Sonntag Award (1993, 1998)


Professional Society Service

ASME Tribology Division Executive Committee (Chair 2016/2017)

Associate Editor, STLE Tribology Transactions (1996-present)

Associate Editor, ASME Journal of Tribology (2005-2011)

Editorial Advisory Board, Tribology & Lubrication Technology (2005-2007)

STLE Fellows Selection Committee (Chair 2012)

ASME Tribology Division Honors&Awards Committee (Chair 2011)

STLE Awards Committee (Chair 2005)

ASME/STLE International Joint Tribology Conference (Chair 2004)

STLE Solid Lubricants Technical Committee (Chair 2000)



Ph.D. Dartmouth College


Research Focus
  • Materials Tribology (friction, wear, lubrication)
  • Mechanical Behavior of Materials
Select Works
  • “Analysis of Surface Temperatures within Heat Flux Bands during Constant Acceleration including Deceleration to Halt”, T.A. Blanchet, S.P. Lenihan, ASME Journal of Tribology, 139 (2017) 031102.
  • “Origin of the Static Fatigue Limit in Oxide Glasses”, J.H. Seaman, T.A. Blanchet, M. Tomozawa, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 99 (2016) 3600-3609.
  • “Unusually Effective Nanofiller a Contradiction of Microfiller-Specific Mechanisms of PTFE Wear Resistance?” S. Bhargava, T.A. Blanchet, ASME Journal of Tribology, 138 (2016) 042001.
  • “Ion-Exchanged Lithium Aluminosilicate Glass: Strength and Dynamic Fatigue”, E. Aaldenberg, P.J. Lezzi, J.H. Seaman, T.A. Blanchet, M. Tomozawa, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 99 (2016) 2645-2654.
  • “Simple Thermal Model to Select Electromagnetic Launcher Tribomaterials”, E.E. Balic, T.A. Blanchet ASME Journal of Tribology, 138 (2016) 041102.
  • “Modeling Slow Crack Growth Behavior of Glass Strengthened by a Sub-Critical Tensile Stress by Surface Stress Relaxation”, J.H. Seaman, P.J. Lezzi, T.A. Blanchet, M. Tomozawa, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 98 (2015) 3075-3086.
  • “Effect of Platelet Thickness on Wear of Graphene-Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Composites”. S. Bhargava, N. Koratkar, T.A. Blanchet, Tribology Letters, 59 (2015) 17.
  • “Fluoroplastics”. T.A. Blanchet, Handbook of Thermoplastics, 2nd edition, O. Olabisi, ed., CRC Press (2015) 397-417.