Toh-Ming Lu

Ray Palmer Baker Distinguished Professor, Physics, Applied Physics & Astronomy

Dr. Lu joined RPI in 1982. His interest is on the creation of novel materials for advanced electronics and energy applications. His honors include the 2004 Materials Research Society Medal Award and the 2005 SRC Faculty Leadership Award. He is Fellow of four major societies: American Physical Society, American Vacuum Society, American Association for the Advancement of Sciences, and the Materials Research Society. He served as the Chairman of the Department of Physics, Applied Physics and Astronomy, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute from 1992 to 1997. Dr. Lu published over 580 papers, 9 books, 12 patents, and graduated 49 Ph.D. students, who have assumed leadership positions in semiconductor companies such as IBM, Intel, AMD, Motorola, Analog, GE, and Chartered Semiconductor.


Ph.D., University of Wisconsin , Madison (Physics)

Research Focus
  • Novel materials for advanced electronics and energy applications
  • Epitaxy of 3D semiconductors on 2D substrates
Select Works
  • Chemical reaction induced carrier localization in nanometer-thin Al/Ru, Al/Co,and Al/Mo superlattices Yanli Zhang, Gwo-Ching Wang, Toh-Ming Lu and Tung-Sheng Kuan. Nanotechnology 31 (2020) 035001 (12pp)
  • Large scale epitaxial graphite grown on twin free nickel(111)/spinel substrate Zonghuan Lu, Xin Sun, Yu Xiang, Gwo-Ching Wang, Morris A. Washington and Toh-Ming Lu. CrystEngComm, 2020,22, 119-129
  • Large Metallic Vanadium Disulfide Ultrathin Flakes for Spintronic Circuits and Quantum Computing Devices Littlejohn, Li Z, Lu Z, Sun X, Nawarat P, Wang Y, Li Y, Wang T, Chen Y, Zhang L, Li H, Kisslinger K, Shi S, Shi J, Raeliarijaona A, Shi W, Terrones H, Lewis KM, Washington M, Lu TM, Wang GC. ACS Appl. Nano Mater., 2019, 2, 3684
  • Carrier lifetime enhancement in halide perovskite via remote epitaxy. Jiang J, Sun X, Chen X, Wang B, Chen Z, Hu Y, Guo G, Zhang L, Ma Y, Gao L✉, Zheng F, Jin L, Chen M, Ma Z, Zhou Y, Padture NP, Beach K, Terrones H, Shi Y, Gall D, Lu TM, Wertz E, Feng J, Shi J. Nat. Commun. 2019, 10, 4145.
  • Growth of epitaxial CdTe thin films on amorphous substrates using single crystal graphene buffer Dibyajyoti Mohanty , Zonghuan Lu, Xin Sun, Yu Xiang, Lei Gao, Jian Shi,Lihua Zhang, Kim Kisslinger, Morris A. Washington, Gwo-Ching Wang , Toh-Ming Lu, Ishwara B. Bhat. Carbon 144 (2019) 519-524
  • Comparative study on the antioxidation behaviors of polycrystalline multilayer and single-crystalline monolayer graphene”, Xin Sun, Zonghuan Lu, Tushar Gupta, Swastik Basu, Nikhil Koratkar, Morris Washington, Toh-Ming Lu, 2D Materials, 6, pp 015020 (2019).
  • Tutorial: Strain measurement of ultrathin epitaxial films using electron diffraction techniques G.-C. Wang and T.-M. Lu, J. Appl. Phys. 125, 082401 (2019).