Ying Chen

Assistant Professor, Materials Science and Engineering

Dr. Chen received her BS from Tsinghua University in 2004, and PhD from MIT in 2008, both in Materials Science and Engineering. After working as a postdoctoral associate at MIT for two more years and as a materials scientist at GE Global Research Center for a year, she joined the faculty in DMSE at RPI in November 2011. She is interested in shape memory materials, nanomechanics, multifunctional materials, topological effects of microstructures, microstructural evolutions and deformation mechanisms in nanocrystalline materials and nanostructures, computational materials science and mechanics.


Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, June 2008; B.S., Materials Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University, July 2004

Research Focus
  • Nanoscale metallic systems and their mechanical properties
  • Shape memory materials
  • Stability and mechanical properties of nanomaterials
  • Microstructure design
  • Integrated computational and experimental research
  • Mesocale and multiscale materials modeling
Contact cheny20@rpi.edu
Select Works
  • "Oligocrystalline shape memory alloys" S. Ueland, Y. Chen, C.A. Schuh, Advanced Functional Materials 22, 2094 (2012)
  • "Size effects in shape memory alloy microwires" Y. Chen, C.A. Schuh, Acta Materialia 59, 537 (2011)
  • "A nonlocal superelastic model of size-dependent hardening and dissipation in single crystal Cu-Al-Ni shape memory alloys" L. Qiao, J.J. Rimoli, Y. Chen, C.A. Schuh, R. Radovitzky, Physical Review Letters 106, 085504 (2011)
  • "Shape memory and superelasticity in polycrystalline Cu-Al-Ni microwires" Y. Chen, X.X. Zhang, D.C. Dunand, C.A. Schuh, Applied Physics Letters 95, 171906 (2009)
  • "Effective transport properties of random composites: continuum calculations versus mapping to a network" Y. Chen, C.A. Schuh, Physical Review E 80, 040103(R) (2009)
  • "Analytical homogenization method for periodic composite materials" Y. Chen, C.A. Schuh, Physical Review B 79, 094104 (2009)