Yong Sung Kim

Lecturer, Physics, Applied Physics & Astronomy


PhD - Iowa State University
M.S. - Western Illinois University
B.S. - Seoul National University

Research Focus
  • Theoretical and computational nano-photonics
Contact Information
Select Works
  • Mei-Li Hsieh, James Bur, Yong-Sung Kim, and Shawn-Yu Lin, “Direct observation of quasi-coherent thermal emission by a three-dimensional metallic photonic crystal”, Optics Letters, 38, 911, (2013)
  • Y. S. Kim, H. Y. Wu and S.Y. Lin, “Design of a dynamically tunable terahertz filer based on metallic photonic crystals”, J. Appl. Phys. 109, 123111, (2011)
  • M. L. Kuo, Y. S. Kim, M. L. Hsieh and S. Y. Lin, “Efficient and Directed Nano-LED Emission by a Complete Elimination of Transverse-Electric Guided Modes”, Nano Lett. 11, 476, (2011)
  • T. Shen, Y.S. Kim, J. A. Bur and S. Y. Lin, “Optical Characterization of Bending Efficiency in On-Chip Hollow-Core Bragg Waveguides at 1.5 micro-m”, J. Lightwave Technol., 28 1714 (2010)
  • T. A. Walsh, J. A. Bur, Y. S. Kim, T.-M. Lu and S.-Y. Lin, “High Temperature Material Coatings for Modification of Photonic Band Edge Position”, J. Opt. Soc. Am. B, 26, 1450 (2009)
  • M.-L. Kuo, D.J. Poxson, Y-S Kim, F.W. Mont, J-K Kim, E.F. Schubert and S.Y. Lin, “Realization of a Near Perfect Antireflection Coating for Silicon Solar Energy Utilization”, Optics Letters, 33, 2527 (2008)
  • Y. S. Kim, S. Y. Lin, A. Chang, J. H. Lee, and K. M. Ho, “Analysis of photon recycling using metallic photonic crystal”, J. Appl. Phys. 102, 063107 (2007)
  • A. Chang, Y. S. Kim, M. F. Chen, Z. P. Yang, J. A. Bur, S. Y. Lin, and K. M. Ho, “Visible three-dimensional metallic photonic crystal with non-localized propagating modes beyond waveguide cutoff”, Optics Express, 15, 8428 (2007)