Billur Aksoy

Assistant Professor, Economics

I joined RPI in 2019. I received my PhD in Economics from Texas A&M University in 2019, my MS in Economics in 2011 from the University of Southampton in the U.K., and my BA in Economics in 2010 from Ankara University in Turkey.

I am a behavioral and experimental economist. I study how identity and social preferences interact with economic decisions. I am also interested in understanding human interaction with technology and technology’s impacts on educational and economic outcomes.

At RPI, I teach Behavioral Financial Economics and Experimental Economics. In my Behavioral Financial Economics course, we discuss emotional and cognitive biases and how they impact our financial and economic decisions. In my Experimental Economics course, students learn about experimental methods that we use in economics (and other related social sciences). Students also get the opportunity to put their knowledge in practice by running their own experiment in class.


PhD in Economics, Texas A&M University

Research Focus
  • Experimental Economics
  • Identity Economics
  • Social Preferences
  • Behavioral Economics
Select Works
  • Aksoy Billur and Silvana Krasteva. "When Does Less Information Translate into More Giving to Public Goods?" Experimental Economics (2020).
  • Aksoy Billur and Marco Palma. "The Effects of Scarcity on In-Group Favoritism and Cheating.” Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 165 (2019): 100-117.
  • Aksoy, Billur, Haley Harwell, Ada Kovaliukaite, and Catherine Eckel. “Measuring Trust: A Reinvestigation.” Southern Economic Journal. 2018; 84(4): 992-1000.
  • Aksoy, Billur, Catherine Eckel and Rick Wilson. "Can I Rely on You?” Games. 2018; 9(4): 81.