Bruno Nkuiya Mbakop


Dr. Nkuiya joined the Rensselaer faculty as an Assistant Professor of Economics in Fall 2023. He obtained his PhD in Economics  from the University of Montreal and worked for several academic institutions including University of California Santa Barbara and University of Alberta. His research specializes in understanding how natural resource users respond to changes in environmental and political conditions and mechanisms to promote conservation and recovery. To address these issues, he utilizes several tools of analysis including spatial models, econometrics, bioeconomic models, dynamic games, and Bayesian learning. 


Primary Research Focus
Environmental and Resource Economics; Control of Externalities; Fishery Economics; Adaptation to Climate Change; Decision Making Under Risk & Uncertainty; Dynamic Games


Current Courses

Dr. Nkuiya currently teaches Enviromental Economics (ECON 4230) & Economic Models of Decision-Making (ECON 4320)

ECON 4230 - Environmental Economics

Develops a critical understanding of environmental issues and policy from an interdisciplinary economics perspective. Covers the economics of environmental quality including the links between the economy and the environment, the causes of environmental problems, evaluation of environmental projects and policies, and policies to address environmental issues with an emphasis on efficiency, equity, and sustainability, and the international dimensions of environmental issues.

ECON 4320 - Economic Models of Decision-Making

An exploration of models of decision-making under alternative assumptions, expanding on “rational” models of introductory economics. The course will discuss the assumptions of these standard models and their shortcomings. The shortcomings will be addressed through the exploration of limited attention and considerations of fairness, uncertainty, and strategic interaction. Applications in areas such as consumer and household finance, marketing, and public policy will be emphasized throughout.


The following is a selection of recent publications in Scopus.  Bruno Nkuiya has several indexed publications in the subjects of Economics, Econometrics and Finance, Environmental Sciences, Social Sciences, Agricultural and Biological Sciences, Business Management, and Accounting.

Stochastic growth and regime shift risk in renewable resource management. Ecological Economics 208 (2023): 107793 (with F. Diekert)

Stability of international fisheries agreements under stock growth uncertainty Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 113 (2022): 102664 (with K. Bediako)

Stability of international environmental agreements under isoelastic utility. Resource and Energy Economics 59 (2020): 101128 

Spatial renewable resource extraction under possible regime shift American Journal of Agricultural Economics 101, no. 2 (2019): 507-527 (with C. Costello & N. Quérou)

Testing the assumptions and predictions of the Hotelling model. Environmental and Resource Economics 66, no. 1 (2017): 169-203 (with C. Atewamba)

Coalition formation in fisheries with potential regime shift. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 79 (2016): 189-207 (with S. Miller)

Transboundary pollution game with potential shift in damage. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 72 (2015): 1-14 (lead article)

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