Jian Sun

Professor and Director, CFES, Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering

Sun began his professional career in 1984, designing aircraft electrical systems at the research and development center of the Xian Aircraft Company in Xian, China. Beginning in 1991, he spent five years at the Institute for Power Electronics and Electrical Devices at the University of Paderborn, in Paderborn, Germany. He served as a research assistant, then as a research associate, while pursuing a doctoral degree. Following completion of his degree, Sun was a post-doctoral fellow at the Georgia Institute of Technology's School of Electrical and Computer Engineering from 1996 to 1997. He then worked at the Advanced Technology Center at Rockwell Collins in Cedar Rapids, IA, as a senior engineer from 1997 to 1999. Sun was promoted to principal engineer in 2000, and became a member of the Rensselaer faculty in 2002.


Ph.D. (University of Paderborn, Germany, 1995), M.S. Electrical Engineering (Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 1989), B.S. Electrical Engineering (Nanjing Institute of Aeronautics, 1984)

Research Focus
  • Power factor correction
  • Power conversion
  • High-frequency
  • DC-DC
  • Communications
  • Analysis
  • Aerospace
  • AC-DC
Select Works
  • Small-signal modeling of variable-frequency pulse-width modulators, (2002)
  • Averaged modeling of PWM converters operating in discontinuous conduction model, (2001)
  • Input impedance analysis of single-phase PFC converters, (2003)
  • Ultra compact dc-dc converters for the digital age, (2002)
  • Demystifying zero-crossing distortion in single-phase PFC converters, (2002)
  • Bilinear discrete-time modeling for enhanced stability prediction and control design, (2002)
  • A new matrix integrated magnetics (MIM) structure for low voltage, high current DC-DC converters, (2002)
  • An improved current-doubler rectifier with integrated magnetics, (2002)