Kenneth L. Simons

Associate Professor

Prof. Kenneth L. Simons is an expert in the dynamics of industrial organization and technological change. His work has probed the causes of industry shakeouts, testing between alternative theories and exploring issues including sources of advantage to surviving firms and the role of technological innovation. He also explores related empirical topics, including the frequency of disruptive technological change, the ability of new information technologies to provide advantage to upstart companies, estimation methods for the need for environmentally beneficial technologies, and the mechanisms by which corporate governance changes affect firm productivity. His ongoing project on disruptive technological change, funded by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and the National Science Foundation, is apparently the largest-scale data collection project on disruptive technological change ever attempted, spanning about 100 industries over more than 100 years. He was previously the British equivalent of Associate Professor of Economics (tenured) at the University of London's Royal Holloway College. He has served as Associate Editor of the International Journal of Industrial Organization, editorial board member of the Journal of Technology Marketing, and Chairman of the Network of Industrial Economists. He has organized numerous conferences related to industrial organization and technological change. His work is primarily empirical but also includes theoretical industrial organization, as well as simulation and computational methods. He has taught graduate-level courses in Advanced Microeconomics, Industrial Organization, Advanced Quantitative Analysis, and Advanced Econometrics. He taught even while an undergraduate at MIT, where he developed and formally taught small-group courses in chemistry and differential equations to MIT undergraduates, and was a teaching assistant for MBA, PhD, and executive courses in system dynamics. He received MIT’s most prestigious award to undergraduates, the Karl Taylor Compton Prize, for his contribution to education at MIT. He currently teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in industry economics, quantitative techniques for economics, and econometrics.


Ph.D. Carnegie Mellon

Research Focus
  • Industrial organizatino and industry dynamics
Select Works
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