Meimuneh Sumadi


As a career professional with over a decade of Accounting, Taxation, and Auditing experience, I have a proven track record in providing the highest level of quality consulting and financial services to both public and private companies throughout various industries. In addition to my solid knowledge of US Financial Reporting, Financial Analysis, and Financial Accounting principles and practices, I bring an understanding of US federal and state taxation. I also have a strong educational background, having two master's degrees in Accounting and Taxation, as well as a Doctorate in Business Administration in Advanced Accounting.

I am the owner and managing director of Sumadi Empowerment LLC which was initially created to follow one's dream to establish a company in the field of Accounting and Finance that best utilizes one's experience and educational background. Its main goal is to strive to invest and grow one's wealth and knowledge in various areas of Accounting and Finance and provide clients with recommendations and consultations in those areas. I combine this with my dedication and passion for helping clients meet their personal financial growth.

My main passion is teaching students at a university level. I am a part time lecturer at RPI and an adjunct professor at University at Albany. My main focus is teaching courses that deal with financial statement preparation, analysis, trading, investments, and valuation. My current classes include undergraduate, graduate, and those which are a combination of both.

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