Lally School of Management

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Professor, Co-Director and Site Director of the Center for Research toward Advancing Financial Technologies
Financial Technologies and Financial Engineering
Warren H. and Pauline U. Bruggeman Distinguished Professor of Finance
Lecturer, Program Coordinator for the MBA in Life Sciences Entrepreneurship
Associate Professor and Director of the M.S. and MBA Programs
Professor, Management Information Systems; Vice Provost and Dean, Graduate Education
Management Information Systems
Tetherless World Senior Constellation Professor of Computer, Web and Cognitive Science and Director of the Future of Computing Institute
Associate Professor of Business Analytics
Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management and Analytics, Director of the Lally PhD Program
Diversification, Alliances, Acquisitions; Financing of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Security challenges of big data in blockchain emergence into MENA financial service firms
Associate Professor of Business Analytics
IT Human Capital
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