Prabhat Hajela

Professor and Provost, Mechanical Aerospace and Nuclear Engineering


Ph.D. Stanford University

Research Focus
  • Optimum Design
  • Structural Dynamics
  • Aeroelasticity
Select Works
  • Confidence Intervals for Reliability Estimated Using Response Surface Methods (2002)
  • Soft Computing in Multidisciplinary Aerospace Design  New Directions for Research, (2002)
  • Variable Complexity Reliability-Based Optimization with Neural Network Augmentation (2002)
  • Genetic Exchange Mechanisms for Co-Evolution In Decomposition-Based Design (2002)
  • Search Efficiency in Genetic Algorithms (2002)
  • GA Based Fuzzy Optimization for Non-Convex Pareto Surfaces (2001)
  • Elastic Element Based Cellular Automata for Structural Analysis and Design (2001)
  • MADEsmart: An Environment for Improved Development of Aircraft Components in Preliminary Design (2001)