Prakrati Thakur

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My research interests lie in international trade and environmental economics. My current research is on international trade in waste with a focus on its cross-country welfare consequences, the design of an international environmental agreement on waste trade, and the effects of waste trade de-liberalization on firms and cities. I also study the interplay between regulation and international trade. Particularly, I study how the structure of international trade encourages countries to adopt regulatory standards.

At RPI, I teach a course on economic data analysis with applications in various economic contexts and a course on econometrics. I have also taught a course on environmental consequences of globalization that drew directly from my research interests. In this course, we covered topics on how international trade affects air pollution and natural resource depletion, interactions between trade policy and environmental policy, and the role of international environmental agreements.

Education & Training

Ph. D. Economics, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, 2022 

M. S. Quantitative Economics, Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi, 2015

B. A. (Honors) Economics, St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University, 2012



Primary Research Focus
International Trade, Environmental Economics, Applied Econometrics


Current Courses

ECON 2100: Economic Data Analysis and Applications

ECON 4570: Econometrics

ECON 4961: Globalization and the Environment

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