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My research examines how people make decisions with ethical consequences. In my latest research, I study the impact of performing computer programming on response to moral dilemmas like the trolley problem. This work has generated some interesting findings that extend our understanding of moral decision making, autonomous vehicles and algorithmic bias. 

Another stream of research examines how and why consumers might put off purchase decisions, and examines the downstream consequences of doing so. This work extends our understanding of online consumer decision making, when consumers are likely to make multiple purchase decisions together. 

Education & Training

Concordia University, Montreal, Canada (2017-22) 
Ph. D. Business Administration, John Molson School of Business

  • Best Research Presentation (2021) 
  • Howard R Webster Award for Academic Excellence, (2019-20; $10,000)
  • CGPA: 4.00

University of Pennsylvania (2010-16)                             
Ph. D. in Evolutionary Biology, Department of Biology

  • Center for Teaching and Learning Graduate Teaching Excellence Fellowship 
    (2014; $7000)



Instructor, MGMT 6040, Talent Management, Lally School of Management (Fall 2023)

Instructor, MKTG 3041, Buyer Behavior, Carlson School of Management (Spring 2023)

Instructor, MKTG 4051, Advertising and Promotion, Carlson School of Management (Spring 2023)

Instructor, MARK 201, Introduction to Marketing Management, Concordia University (Winter 2021)

  • Online Teaching; Overall teaching evaluation 4.65/5

Instructor, GradProSkills Data Analysis Starter Course, Concordia University (2019-2022)

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Biology, University of Pennsylvania (2010-2015)

Excellence in Teaching Fellow, University of Pennsylvania (July 2014-July 2015) 

Developed techniques to improve pedagogy in the university classroom

Office Hours

Friday 1-2 pm via Webex

Current Courses

MGMT 6040 (Talent Management)


Awards & Honors
  • Awarded Best Poster Presentation at Annual Graduate Research Exposition 2021, Concordia University and received $600 prize money along with $800 travel funding
  • Selected as a Public Scholar at Concordia University (2021-2022) and received at $10,000 scholarship award.
  • Received Concordia Aid to Scholarly Research (2021) in the amount of $3864 to support my doctoral work
  • Howard R Webster Award for Academic Excellence, John Molson School of Business, $10,000 (2019-2020).
  • Nominated as AMA-Sheth Doctoral Fellow (2022)
  • Merit Scholarship and International Tuition Award of Excellence, Concordia University (2017-Present)
Presentations & Appearances

Invited Presentations: 

Research Presentations: 

University of Minnesota, Fall 2022

University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, Spring 2023

Texas Tech University, Spring 2023

Susquehanna University, Spring 2023 

Teaching Presentations: 

Merrimack College, Spring 2023

Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis, Spring 2023

Susquehanna University, Spring 2023


Kwon, Ohjin, Tanya Singh, and SunAh Kim. "The competing roles of variety seeking in new brand adoption."Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services", 72: 108-283, (2023).

Working Papers:

Singh, Tanya, Jui Ramaprasad and Kartik Ganju. “Programming Impacts Moral Decision Making”. 

  • Best paper award nominee at WISE (Workshop on Information Systems and Economics) 2020
  • Under review at Information Systems Research

Non-Academic Publications: 

Singh, Tanya (2021) “Why retail therapy isn’t always a mood booster”, Published in the Montreal Gazette. https://montrealgazette.com/opinion/opinion-why-retail-therapy-isnt-always-a-mood-booster 

Publications in Biology: 

Pénisson, Sophie, Tanya Singh, Paul Sniegowski, and Philip Gerrish. "Dynamics and fate of beneficial mutations under lineage contamination by linked deleterious mutations." Genetics (2017):116.

Singh, Tanya, Meredith Hyun, and Paul Sniegowski. "Evolution of mutation rates in hypermutable populations of Escherichia coli propagated at very small effective population size." Biology Letters 13, no. 3 (2017): 2016084.

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