Timothy D. Golden

Professor, Area Coordinator of Enterprise Management and Organization, Lally School of Management

Dr. Golden brings to the classroom a unique mix of applied experiences in a variety of business settings, combined with an advanced educational background in a broad array of academic disciplines. His teaching has been recognized with several awards, including the Outstanding Teacher Award voted upon by graduate students (twice in 3 years), as well as winning the Best Exercise Award from the Experiential Learning Association. Prior to working in academia, Dr. Golden held several positions in the Aerospace, IT, and Medical industries, including program management, systems engineering, and space flight engineering working with NASA’s space shuttle program. Dr. Golden’s research examines the behavioral, relational, and attitudinal implications of technology-driven organizational innovations in the way individuals work. Professor Golden’s research focuses on telework and telecommuting, flexible work arrangements, virtual work, leader and coworker relational development, work-family conflict, job performance, worker connectivity, and virtual leadership. Dr. Golden’s research has appeared in leading academic journals, including the Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Management, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Journal of Vocational Behavior, Academy of Management Executive, Human Relations, Journal of Managerial Issues, Leadership Quarterly, Journal of Business and Psychology, among others. Dr. Golden has received numerous distinctions for his research, including four Best Paper Awards at national and international conferences. In addition to his research, Dr. Golden has served in numerous leadership roles in several national and international professional associations. These include serving as President of the Eastern Academy of Management, as research advisor to the International Telework Association and Council, and as chair of the graduate scholarship awards for the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Dr. Golden has frequently been cited in the business press, appearing in many media outlets world-wide.


Ph.D. in Management, University of Connecticut; M.A. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, University of Connecticut; M.A. in Psychology, Brandeis University; M.S. in Engineering Management, The Gordon Institute of Tufts University; M.S. in Aerospace Engineering, Northrop University; B.S. in Engineering Mechanics, U.S. Air Force Academy;

Research Focus
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Negotiations
Contact goldent@rpi.edu