Center for Computational Innovations (CCI)

Claire & Roland Schmitt Distinguished Prof. of Computer Science and Director, Network Science and Technology Center (NeST)
Associate Director, IDEA. Director, Data Science Research Center
Professor and Associate Head for Undergraduate Studies
Professor and Director, Center for Computational Innovations (CCI)
Dean of the School of Science, Professor and Director, Rensselaer Exploratory Center for Cheminformatics Research (RECCR)
Professor and Department Head
Energy Materials and Systems
Assistant Professor
Institute Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Member, National Academy of Engineering
Tetherless World Senior Constellation Professor of Computer, Web and Cognitive Science and Director of the Future of Computing Institute
Associate Department Head and Professor
Professor and Department Head
Professor and Department Head
Associate Professor
Computational Materials Science
David M. Darrin ’40 Senior Endowed Chair; Director of the Darrin Fresh Water Institute and The Jefferson Project (2014-2022)
Dean of School of Engineering, Elaine and Jack S. Parker Professor
J Erik Jonsson '22 Distinguished Professor of Engineering, Department Head and Director, Center for Modeling, Simulation and Imaging in Medicine (CEMSIM)
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