Biological Sciences

Constellation Chair
Sequence determinants of biomolecular conformational landscapes; Molecular mechanisms of transcriptional regulation
Professor Emeritus
Richard Baruch M.D. Career Development Chair & Associate Department Head
Circadian Biology
Sr. Lecturer
Limnology, Environmental Science, Eutrophication, Invasive Species
Vice President, Strategic Alliances and Translation, Institute Professor, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and Biological Sciences
Biocatalysis and Cell-Free Metabolic Engineering
Freshwater Aquatic Ecology and Limnology.
Professor Emeritus
Sr. Lecturer
Biochemistry, Biophysics, Computational Biology
Associate Professor and Frederic R. Kolleck ’52 Career Development Chair in Freshwater Ecology. Acting Director of The Darrin Freshwater Institute. Director of The Jefferson Project
Associate Professor and Associate Dean of Science for Academic Affairs
Cell Biology
Tissue Engineering and Morphogenesis
Dorothy and Fred Chau ʼ71 Career Development Constellation Professor in Biocatalysis and Metabolic Engineering
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education
Molecular Pharmacology
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