Industrial and Systems Engineering

Sr. Lecturer
Engineering and Emerging Technology Ethics, Ethics of Modeling, Management of Engineering and Technology , Professional Development, Organizational Behavior, Cultural Analysis and Ethnography
Assistant Professor
Supply Chain Management and Logistics
Professor Emeritus
management of technological organizations, innovation, policy, robotics, policy issues of research and development in the service sector
Tetherless World Senior Constellation Chair, Professor of Computer Science, Cognitive Science, and Industrial and Systems Engineering
Industrial and Systems Engineering Department Head and Professor, Mechanical, Aerospace, and Nuclear Engineering
Energy Materials and Systems, Condensed Matter Physics, Emergency Communication, Preparedness, and Response, Engineering Education.
Assistant Professor
Advancing knowledge and solution methodologies in optimization, data analytics, machine learning, and social choice through the use of interdisciplinary techniques.
Tetherless World Senior Constellation Professor of Computer, Web and Cognitive Science and Director of the Future of Computing Institute
Develop and use mathematical models to guide decision making for logistics and supply chain challenges.
Professor and Graduate Program Director, Mathematics
Associate Director of the IDEA
Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management and Analytics, Director of the Lally PhD Program
Development of training interventions, behavior and performance evaluation using eye-tracking and wearable technologies, usability assessments and UX designs.
Professor Emeritus
reliability, life testing, statistical quality control, quality management, biostatistics, industrial statistics
Social Media Analytics, Social Network Analysis, Data Science, Network Science, Human Behavior Modeling
Professor Emeritus
Assistant Professor
Engineering-driven machine learning, deep learning, uncertainty quantification, system intelligence, advanced manufacturing.
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