Information Technology and Web Science

Dean of the School of Science, Professor and Director, Rensselaer Exploratory Center for Cheminformatics Research (RECCR), Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Cheminformatics, Materials Informatics, Drug Discovery Software, Computational...
Professor, Cognitive Science
logic and artificial intelligence, foundations of artificial intelligence and...
Professor, Biological Sciences
bioinformatics, computational biology, biosensor design, vaccine design,...
Lecturer, Information Technology and Web Science
Professor and Director, Center for Computational Innovations (CCI), Computer Science
Professor, Music and New Media, Arts
media arts history, music performance and composition, art-technology policy...
Professor Emeritus, Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering
engineering education, plasma science and engineering, electromagnetic theory,...
Professor Emeritus, Economics
Adjunct Professor, Information Technology and Web Science
Professor Emeritus, Computer Science
Lecturer, Information Technology and Web Science
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education, Biological Sciences
academic advising, eukaryotic organisms, scientific teaching methodologies
Professor, Mathematical Sciences
The theory of the stability of fluid flows., Common applications are to...
Lecturer & Program Coordinator, Cognitive Science
Cognitive Science, Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy of Mind, Logic and...
Professor Emeritus, Industrial and Systems Engineering
Professor, Mathematical Sciences
Mathematics applied to medical problems., Medical imaging, Electrical Impedance...
Professor, Mathematical Sciences
Applied Mathematics: Reactive and multiphase flow, nonlinear waves,...
Professor, Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering
routing and traffic management in computer networks, congestion control and...
Associate Professor, School of Architecture
Associate Professor and Director of the Ph.D. Program, Academic Director, Severino Center for Technological Entrepreneurship, Lally School of Management
Information Systems, Electronic Commerce, Database Management, Management...
Professor, Computer Science
Learning from Data; theory and applications., Computational Finance, Social and...
Sr. Lecturer, Lally School of Management
Strategic Management
Professor, Arts
cutting edge videographer
Lecturer, Information Technology and Web Science
Data Science, Data Analytics, Informatics
Associate Director of Darrin Fresh Water Institute (DFWI), Biological Sciences
environmental remote sensing, invasive species, water resource management
Administrative Program Director, Information Technology and Web Science
Irene and Robert Bozzone '55 Distinguished Chair, Professor of Information Systems, Associate Dean for Research, and Director of the Center for Supply Networks and Analytics, Lally School of Management
Digital Strategy, Digital Platforms, Supply Chain Management, Competitive...
Director, Center for Global Communication+Design and Professor, Communication and Media
Research Scientist, Mathematical Sciences
Adjunct Professor, School of Engineering
Sr. Lecturer, Science and Technology Studies
Yamada Corporation Professor, Industrial & Systems Engineering Acting Department Head, Industrial and Systems Engineering
Resilient Communities, Infrastructure, Ethics in Modeling, Agent-Based...
Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Transportation data acquisition and analysis, Spatial statistics and...
Professor Emeritus, Industrial and Systems Engineering